Bespoke furniture pieces for Vivianna made by John Beavan

 “Adding value to collection pieces by careful restoration and reproduction has hailed John Beavan as a noted cabinet maker of the 21st century and ‘one of England’s finest cabinetmakers’” Duke of Richmond 

John is complimented by his team in his Worcestershire workshop and his Nicki his wife with her ingenious designs. 

Craftsmanship names an enduring, basic human impulse, the desire to do a job well for its own sake.” Richard Sennett, The Craftsman 

This could be said of the couple. Their picturesque at Parsons Hall Farm Click here, standing amongst Worcestershire’s most idyllic countryside rests one of England’s oldest historic Cruck timber frame buildings. This is the enchanting place John Beavan and family call “home”. It’s a short path across a charming cobbled yard to John Beavan Luxury Bespoke Furniture workshop. 

The family home, as one would imagine is full of early furniture, intricately replicated to be in-keeping with the house which has been lovingly restored. 

John and Nicki have creatively made many bespoke furniture pieces for Vivianna at Treeopia, reserving logs and branches from the Ash tree during the construction process for use within the finished treehouse. 

The bedside table has been created by utlising a hollow log, split into two and held together with two chunky glass shelves, held in place with oak pegs, simple and effective. 

The dining table was a huge hollow tree trunk, cleaned and oiled, then wrapped together with beautiful handmade bronze straps, a chunky organic shaped glass top enables the entire trunk to be viewed.

A dressing table and be as simple as two slabs of oak and two slabs of glass, pegged together, effective and practical. 

Antler coat hooks, made in oak and to complement the woodland feel with a shield back and simply just oiled.

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