Gardens and Grounds

Within the gardens are natural structures created from trees and plants, artistic structures are formed by weaving branches and new growth, a fully stocked vegetable and fruit patch and Small orchard with a variety of 14 fruit trees. 

Mixed leys and native hedges create a patchwork of scenic views, the Traditional Hereford cattle graze the old pastures, before laying down to chew the cud. 

Meandering brooks flow through the estate, running under small stone bridges crossing the meandering brooks which enter and exit the medieval fishing pools before feeding two large ponds and later joining Kyre Brook, which meets the river Teme in Tenbury Wells. 

Geese, swans, ducks and moorhens are at home here and numerous amphibians and water-based plants exist along its banks. 

Keep an eye out for the kingfisher, easily missed in a blink of an eye, the heron wades the ponds, head down, searching for its next meal and the buzzards circulate the skies, preying on small mammals.