Home Grown and Free to Roam

All our cattle are bred and born on our farm, we have a closed herd, meaning we do not buy cattle in other than a new bull every three years, giving complete traceability. 

All our cattle are Pedigree Traditional Hereford Cattle from the Original population and carry the [*] asterisk on their ‘Certificate of Pedigree’ identifying them as pure-bred pedigree Traditional Hereford Cattle, an old breed with no continental bloodlines. 

Please email us and we can give you our latest stock list for sale with recent photos. 

All our cattle are on a Biobest Health Scheme for Johne’s, BDV, IBR, Lepto 

Along with our own personalised Veterinary health plan to suit our ethics and our cattle and all breeding stock over 12 months is vaccinated for BVD giving you the peace of mind that you are buying healthy stock.