Treeopia An ecologically responsible luxury holiday destination in the UK?

Who said luxury can’t be eco-friendly?

Take care of the environment without sacrificing your ethics while absorbing Treeopia’s truly beautiful surroundings amid some of the greatest countryside in the world. We have two sustainable, eco-friendly treehouse accommodation retreats offering sustainable living.  The treehouses have been hand-made and finished using traditional building methods in sustainable wood and recycled material thatch. We delight in stocking up the fridge with a taster of local seasonal produce from our local suppliers. You will relax instantly; having an awareness of Treeopia’s sustainable living practices, surrounding habitats, wildlife and welcoming local communities.

Treeopia is an idyllic retreat with two architecturally different treehouses Vivianna and Eathelin on the border of Herefordshire and Worcestershire.  The treehouses, are set in amongst lakes, medieval fishing pools, waterfalls and wildflower pastures.

The delicate eco system of the surrounding natural environment is something that creators Nicki and John Beavan have always strived to achieve since buying Parsons Hall Farm … years ago.  Parsons Hall Farm dates back well over 700 years. The farm buildings, its tithe barn and detached kitchen have being entirely sympathetically restored using traditional skills.  Natural resource management combines up-to-date and renewable, sustainable and environmentally friendly facilities. Heat and hot water is via a ground source heat pump a bore hole provides fresh spring water.

The couple has hens, dogs and a rare pedigree *closed herd of Traditional Hereford Cattle who graze the land.   Nicki and John farm using the old fashioned methods.

By planting a good herbal ley as pasture grass they eradicate the need for fertilizer as the plants themselves put back goodness into the soil in the form of nitrogen.

A good herbal pasture grass gives the cattle medicinal plants and help to keep the internal parasites and worms down too.  The meadows are fertilized using only liquid seaweed fertilizer is not only organic, but comes from a sustainable source and can be harvested without damaging the environment.

Nicki says “In the spring before the cattle head out onto the ley, we walk the meadows, look at the ley and test the soil, heavy hooves and rain compact the soil which in turn prevents water penetrating to the roots, we don’t heavy roll and compact further, we aerate our meadows allowing the rain water to go seep deep into the grass roots then, using natural liquid seaweed we fertilise our meadows. Our bull runs freely with our cows, letting him do his job in his own time and letting the cows be served when they are in season.

We have a *closed herd, meaning nothing is brought onto our farm other than a new bull every three years, all our stock has being bred and born on our farm”

Grasses and wildflowers are left to grow and reseed with just the minimal of paths mown for guests to access the treehouses.

Vivianna treehouse has a balcony accessible from the master bedroom where binoculars have been left for guests to spot the heron on the lake.  The birds tend to mind their own business as Vivianna has been a labour of love for 10 years now so they are very used to all manner of workmen, cleaners and guests admiring them and they glide across the lake obligingly!